Muslim Character Building and Spiritual Cultivation Group system is a
grassroots tool for following the commandments. It taps the group member’s
internal life. This system empowers the common Muslim to do the uncommon
work  of reproductive disciple making.

The issue of Islamic brotherhood and fraternity was so important in Islam that
soon after migrating to Medina, the first important social decree of Prophet
Muhammad (s.a.w.) was on the issue of brotherhood. The Apostle (peace and
blessings of Allah be upon him) established bonds of brotherhood between the
Muhajirin and the Ansar putting them under an agreement and obligation of
mutual welfare, benevolence and assistance. Each Ansari took a  Muhajir brother,
where the former went so far as to give his Muhajir brother half of whatever he
possessed in the form of houses, assets, lands and groves. Such was the
enthusiasm of the Ansars to share everything with their brothers-in-faith that they
divided everything into two parts to draw lots for allocating their share. In most
cases, they tried to give the Muhajirin the fairer portion of their property.

Muslim Character Building and Spiritual Cultivation Group is made up of two to
three people, all of them the same gender, who meet weekly for the personal
accountability in the areas of their religious growth and development. A group
should not grow beyond three but multiply into two groups of two rather than a
single group of four. When the fourth person is added to the group, the group
should multiply into two groups after two to three weeks depending the
demonstration of sufficient faithfulness to the group.

There is no curriculum or training needed for the group. A personal copy of The
Holy Quran is all that is needed. All Ahadith material will be provided as needed.
Articles by
Syed Zoha
Tazkia Nafs